The comparisons provided above have been prepared as a guide and they are not intended to be exhaustive. Comparisons are based on the available information as outlined under the tab: “How we rate” .

The actual claims service provided on a specific claim by an insurance company can vary due to a myriad of reasons such as the complexity of the claim, the size of the claim, whether any fraud indicators are triggered, and or whether the claim is lodged during a period when the industry/company is dealing with a wide spread natural catastrophe.

Claims Service can alter by state, branch or even claims officer. Your local insurance broker is best placed to advise on the claims service in your area. While the utmost care has been taken in the preparation of the guide, it should not be used or relied upon as a substitute for detailed advice or as a basis for making a business, financial or insurance decision.

The product itself is only one criterion that should be considered when making a decision on what policy to accept. Other criteria are the coverage afforded by the insurance policy, the financial strength of the underwriter and price. A decision on any one criterion alone is certainly not recommended.