Need help with Claims?

LMI provide claims preparation services, that is we assist policy holders with preparing a claim under an insurance policy. The company has 8 offices in Australia and New Zealand. It also has a separate legal (LMI Legal Pty Ltd) and forensic (LMI Forensic) divisions that assist where necessary and provide a range of related services.

While the team at LMI can assist in all classes of insurance, we specialise in major property, business interruption, contract works, public and product liability, product recall, and marine.

Many commercial insurance policies such as Industrial Special Risks, Business Packs, Office Packs, Strata, and Product Recall policies provide cover for claims preparation.

Should you need assistance please call the Emergency Claim Service 1300 564 476 or contact us LMI Claims Services.

How LMI rate

Independent research house brandmatters carried out research as to how insurance brokers rate the claims preparation and advocacy service provided by LMI Claims Services.

When is LMI Claims Services used

The same survey looked at when brokers recommended LMI Claims Services to their clients following a claim. The main reasons given were: